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14 juillet à Londres

By No author

Bastille Day 2009

For those of you who feel that a 14th July is not a 14th July if you are not amongst other French people dancing along to the old favourite tunes, here is a list of events taking place in London over the weekend:

Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in South Kensington:

Bastille day Party  organised by La Fédération des Associations Françaises en Grande Bretagne Ltd.

Party will be taking place on Saturday 11th July.

Two possible options:  With or without dinner

Prices Dinner and Party: £35

Party only £8 if purchased in advance £10 at the door.

Cocktail and Dinner starts at 6pm
whilst doors open at  7pm for Party only guests.

Ends at 0.30am 
An accordionist will play during the Cocktail whereas a French band will entertain the guests.

More information: click here



Feydeau' s farces for Bastille Day in London

A HOUSE BATH (British Premiere)   and      MADAME'S LATE MOTHER (Returns!)


A double-bill of unknown French farces
by Georges FEYDEAU.

Madame's Late Mother

At 4 O’clock in the morning. A row: she wants to sleep, he comes back from a party (Dressed as Louis the XIVth !) Suddenly the doorbell rings...

A House Bath

At night, Madame wants to have a bath, being prepared with much attention by the maid. When Madame changes her mind, the maid decides she might as well have one when suddenly Monsieur comes back.

Madame's Late Mother
Madame's Late Mother
Georges Feydeau made France laugh through his vaudevillian farces at the dawn of the First World War and, in the process, dominated the genre. Some have seen in Feydeau a precursor of Dadaism, surrealism, and the absurd. Despite being a phenomenally successful playwright, his propensity for high living (he had a table permanently reserved for him at Maxim's), gambling and the failure of his marriage were to lead to financial difficulties. During the winter of 1918 Feydeau contracted syphilis and slowly descended into madness in the remaining years of his life. He died the 5th of June 1921 and is buried in Montmartre. In 1941, Madame’s Late Mother was his first play to enter the “repertoire”...

Translated for the first time by Echange Theatre.
Directed by Samuel Miller and Gael Colin.

Times : the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of July.
Box Office: 08448 472 264

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