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For any enquiries and to know about our advertising rates you can either visit Rate Card, please contact us at: is primarly a shopping guide of products and services that can be found in London. It is targeted at the francophile and francophone population living in London. It helps find quickly and easily French brands and services in London as well as events, using the search facilities developed in house specially for this site.

To ensure the quality and the value of the information, each address has been carefully and objectively documented by our team.

For you, professionals offering these products and services, this site is an opportunity to gain added exposure by making your point of sales known and taking advantage of the power of the Internet. We offer "à la carte" a wide number of services:

  • Directory registration for a small fee including a complete description of all your addresses in London;
  • The promotion of your advertisements in English and French on this site and by e-mails;
  • A hot link towards your own web site;
  • The design and promotion of a web page containing information about your business and/or the brands which you wish to promote.
  • Banners strategically positionned in our website for high visibility.

Your business will benefit directly from all our promotional efforts.

Directory registration in our guide:

To see where your ad can be placed click here.

For each address, we offer the following possibilities:

  • a title describing the point of sales
  • a description guiding the reader in his buying decision
  • a complete address information (address, post code, telephone, fax, e-mail address, opening and closing hours, nearest tube station)
  • a photograph
  • a link to website if relevant

To make the search easy and efficient, each address can be accessed by:

  • its categories
  • its brands
  • its postcode area (first part of the postcode)
  • the name of the street
  • its name
  • keywords

With Googlemap, the address can be located automatically on a map.

Also, from your addresses, links can lead to:

  • reviews written by our visitors;
  • your current offers,
  • your own web page of information that we are hosting for you,
  • your web site address;

The promotion of your Advertisements in our guide and by email:

If you want to advertise a single event or a group of renewable ads, France In London offers you an efficient, easy to use, fast and inexpensive tool.

  • Efficient tool:
    Our search engine is here to help the user to find each advertisement published in our guide. A daily service sends emails to selected users who have requested it, by filling a form defining their choices. Each ad, in French or English, can include text and a photo.
  • Easy to use tool:
    A HTML page protected by a password lets you edit and modify your ad from any computer connected to the Internet. If you prefer, our team can also update the ad for you, after your request by fax or email.
  • Fast tool:
    Any ad updated via the Internet is available immediately, and the next day if the request is done via email.
  • Inexpensive tool:
    We offer "à la carte" subscription to fit your needs:
    • 1. if you wish to broadcast your ads for a period of time and also want to be able to change them frequently, (like jobs, real estate, special travel offers, new range of products...) we recommend that you should hire a space that lets you manage your ads as you desire, with as many updates as you want.
    • 2. if your need is more short term (like the opening of a new shop, end of season sales....), you might choose renting a space for a fixed period of time, on a not renewable basis.
    • 3. if you are looking for a higher exposure for your business, you can rent a space in the first page of the site.

A hot link towards your own website:

If you run your own website and want to reach more customers, we offer you the opportunity to establish a hot link towards your website address. Viewers can access your web site when the icon is available or by using "links" section in the summary. This section takes full advantage of our search engine, ensuring an immediate connection to your web site to viewers interested in your products. The link is completed with a description, enabling the user to evaluate the interest of the site. A feedback with the green icon "review" is also available, with comments from our viewers, as in "addresses".

Your web page of information in

You don't need to spend lots of money to have your web site on the Internet. With our web page of information, you can reach customers efficiently. You can explain your products, history, your different addresses, your philosophy, ...with a "mini-web site", in French and English, and with photos. These pages can be viewed directly at an address like"your name" and at the same time, they are located within FranceInLondon to benefit from our promotional efforts.


We shall promote this site by the following means: extensive distribution of fliers, stickers, printing of the reviews for press-books, registration with all the main search engines and links to other sites.

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