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   Mariage Frères

Les thés et théières du célèbre salon parisien.

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Mariage Frères est distribuée par les commerces suivants


11/10/2015 - nakedjane a dit :

I bought some Rouge Sahara from the Selfridges boutique in London and fell in love with it but cannot get there again easily. Do they sell from there by post as it doubles the price to order from France.

01/10/2012 - julian.slim a dit :

A lovely new Mariage Freres boutiques has just opened at Selfridges. It stocks the whole range and can be found on the lower ground floor (near the cafe).

30/11/2011 - lsky a dit :

You can also get MF at Claridges (either enjoy there or buy to take home).

As for Harvey Nichols, I have tried there before but was sent on a wild goose chase from department to department, which ultimately ended in my not finding any MF there.

11/10/2011 - raees145 a dit :

do marriage uk

19/05/2011 - tmayhew a dit :

Cafe Luc does not distribute it is a cafe where you can enjoy the tea


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