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Poêles et casseroles en inox.


05/10/2012 - charlotte.ward-perkins a dit :

Mine are 24 years old, also wedding gift. Very good still. They are not magnetic but see:
Will Cuisinox stainless steel cookware work on my induction cook top?
Yes. Cuisinox Elite and Cuisinox Gourmet and our Deluxe Cookware collections will work on induction cook tops. Our tea kettles and stainless steel espresso makers are also induction ready.

01/10/2012 - Eikomaedermakino a dit :

I have a huge range of Cuisinox 16 years old from our wedding list. Currently planning on the kitchen renovation.
Do they work with the Induction cooking tables ? Are they magnetic ?

Knd regards, Eiko Maeder-Makino


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