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Bruno Saint Hilaire

   Bruno Saint Hilaire

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31/03/2019 - mhead68 a dit :

County clothes in Canterbury kent is where I got mine from on the 30/03/19, it's a great shop with great clothes, the guy you need to see is Mr Head, he is the area manager based out of Canterbury.

02/05/2018 - m.smith a dit :

Bruno-Saint -hilaire back in UK for nearest stockist contact

21/04/2018 - Judyanddavid a dit :

Is there anywhere we can get ladies saint Hilaire trousers in uk or distributors in France

17/08/2017 - barry.britzman a dit :

Has anyone found a UK supplier yet? Like you all I too am seeking the same. It's about time B St H recommenced UK sales.

24/11/2014 - i.saleem.123 a dit :

Saint hillaire trousers are good , there is no doubt about it, how come , they are not available in the UK, however, there is one trader Tim Garner , who is selling on line , but with limited variety and size options.

02/05/2014 - manfredib a dit :

John Lewis should start stocking Saint Hilaire trousers again. They were best on the market, JL need to think of their middle England customers!

16/10/2013 - crispinbates a dit :

According to their website at
the only UK store stocking them is:
90 Brompton Rd
Phone : 00 44 20 78 38 00 18

10/01/2013 - johnwithers1 a dit :

can anyone at johnlewis tell me why they have stopped stocking saint hillaire. john lewis own brand not a patch.

04/01/2013 - i.saleem.123 a dit :

Bruno Saint Hilaire
I used to buy their trouser, from J Lewis, they do, not stock them anymore. Could anyone please tell me where I can buy them from.

31/12/2012 - patbuckley49 a dit :

Need to get them too Great trousers. There must be someone selling them online somewhere

21/12/2012 - meye5 a dit :

Agree Bruno trouser with lycra , best quality and i need a supplier

20/11/2012 - kambula a dit : note * * * * *

Glad to say Bruno-St-Hilaire product will be available on line from February 2013.



07/10/2012 - tatman03 a dit :

I would also like to know where I can get Bruno St Hilaire trousers either in the UK or France

21/07/2012 - michaelbazlinton a dit :

Has anyone found an answer. Has anyone found a EU online store who is happy to ship to the UK. Let me know if you do.

20/07/2012 - davebrown7 a dit :

was told they no longer exporting to Uk

24/06/2012 - wraight a dit :

Add me to that list.. Super trouser

12/06/2012 - mavem3 a dit :

I used to buy Saint Hilaire mens trousers from John Lewis who now have stopped selling them.
Please tell me where I can now buy them.

18/04/2012 - malcolmn a dit :

I used to get Bruno St. Hilaire trusers in John Lewis.
They don,t stock them any more which is a disaster and I can't find any one else on the web who sell anything like the full range. What is happening - they are the best trousers ever

17/10/2010 - i.hajaly a dit :

can't find bruno trousers in london
how can i buy from other sources

17/10/2010 - i.hajaly a dit : note * * * * *

best trousers ever .. cant find in london anymore pitty.. help me to find these trousers pleasssssssse


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