films français > L'hermine




acteurs : Fabrice Luchini, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Eva Lallier

année : 2015

couleur : oui

interdit : 12A

réalisateur : Christian Vincent

durée : 98

Michel Racine (Fabrice Lucchini) est un président de cour d'assises redouté. Très asocial, il passe la plupart de son temps tout seul. Un nouveau procès s'ouvre, les jurés sont appelés. Parmi eux, Ditte (Sidse Babett Knudsen), une ancienne connaissance qu'il n'a pas vue depuis des années. Pendant les quelques jours rythmés par les audiences que dure le procès, ils se rencontrent à nouveau. 


17/09/2016 - writers_reign a dit :

Rightly or wrongly I tend to link Fabrice Luchini with Louis Jouvet on the grounds that both are/were 'men of the theatre' who also happened to appear in several excellent films. Jouvet was adamant that his first love was the stage and gave the impression that he merely dabbled in cinema in order to fund his theatre company yet nevertheless he contrived to work with the likes of Carne, Duvivier, Clouzot, Feyder etc in films like Drole de Drame, Hotel du Nord, La Fin du jour, La Kermesse Heroique; in short, from a total of only 33 films his strike rate was phenomenal. Luchini has already clocked up more than twice that amount of celluloid and a good dozen or so nominations but he tends to concentrate on 'worthy' films rather than obvious 'classics'. I was fortunate enough to catch L'Hermine in Paris last year and I will watch it again when it plays Cine Lumiere. Luchini gives a Master Class in nuanced acting beginning as a cold, unemotional, person and thawing almost one degree at a time when he encounters by chance a woman he once knew well. There's not much more to it - apart from the father appearing before Judge Luchini after kicking his child to death - but Luchini invests it with much more gravitas than it aspires to.


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