films français > Le Vertige (The Living Image)

Le Vertige (The Living Image)

Le Vertige

Le Vertige (The Living Image)

acteurs : Emmy Lynn, Jaque Catelain.

année : 1926

couleur : non

interdit :

réalisateur : Marcel L’Herbier

durée : 130

Le Vertige provided L’Herbier with another opportunity to hone a fiercely modernist aesthetic and to star his muse Jaque Catelain. Cast in a double role as a murdered officer in revolutionary Petrograd and his ‘living image’ who haunts the French Riviera, Catelain showcases sharp double-breasted jackets, geometric dressing gowns and urbane sportswear designed by Sonia Delaunay and Paris’s high society tailor Yose. The film also features décor by Robert Mallet-Stevens and furnishings by Pierre Chareau and Robert Delaunay.


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