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note FIL: * * * * *

acteurs : Sophie Marceau, ChristaTheret, Felix Moati

année : 2008

couleur : oui

interdit : PG

réalisateur : Lisa Azuelos

durée : 127

Niftly referencing the 80s' classic La Boum with its casting of Sophie Marceau as mother Anne, Lol is a teen flick for the Noughties, a thoughful take on female self-perception and relationships with laugh-out-loud moments, a gorgeous cast and an upbeat soundtrack. Lola (Christa Theret) can’t wait to see all her friends on the first day back in middle school. Especially Arthur (Felix Moati). But when he tells her he had sex with another girl over the summer – “as a test” – she is so hurt that she tells him she did, too. Of course he calls her a slut. In a world of I-pods, body piercing, thongs, cell phones, MSN, grass, music and booze, Lol and her friends feel their way through tenth grade, speaking a language peppered with text message shortcuts and dodging their often divorced and largely overwhelmed parents. Lol’s mom, Anne (Sophie Marceau), after an affair with her ex-husband (“My mom is doing my dad again, or vice-versa – it’s weird!”) is being courted by a police detective. When she “accidentally” reads her teenage daughter’s journal she realises just how wide the communications gap has grown.


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