films français > LE FRESNOY SHORTS



acteurs : Various artists

année : 2003

couleur : oui

interdit : 15

réalisateur : Alain Fleischer

durée : 0

Le Fresnoy is a post-graduate art school, audio-visual research and production centre based in Lille, France. Conceived and directed by artist Alain Fleischer since 1996, it enables young artists to produce work using professional standard equipment under the direction of established artists who themselves produce new work. The emphasis is on breaking down the barriers between media and languages. Consequently, the theoretical and practical work embraces all audiovisual languages, from traditional and electronic media to digital technology and other new developments. Le Fresnoy also offers the public a programme of art films, contemporary art, concerts and other artistic events. The work produced by the visiting artist-professors and the young artists are also shown in various events in France and abroad. This programme features films produced over the last three years by students and invited artists and filmmakers (such as Tsai Ming Liang). Artists Marie-Laure Cazin and Laura Henno, as well as School Promotion Officer Natalia Trebik will take part in a discussion that will introduce the school as well as the films shown. CINEMA AND VISUAL PLEASURE Dir: Annie Mac Donell. France. 2001. 9mins. No dialogue. Beta. The film is constructed upon a short loop extracted from an old 8mm burlesque film which shows a belly dancer moving against a black background. The film is an exercise in the plastic properties of those devices available to film: light, speed and duration. DI MARMO SIETE VOI Dir: Nicolas Devos. France. 2003. 17mins. No dialogue. Beta. A film project based on found footage of amateurs films from an archive dating from the years 1942-1962 belonging to Maxime Soufflet. All that is known about him through these images is but interpretation and supposition. BUENOS AIRES Dir: Julien Coïic. France. 2003. 8mins. Beta. I have begun digging the soil of my garden. Imagining a private passage that would cross the planet. Is it possible to go to the other side after miles and miles of this black earth? VILLE BLANCHE Dir: Slavica Ceperkovic. 2003. 3mins. Beta. English subtitles. Ville Blanche is a video that examines language and its ability to transform an environment. The scene takes place in front of the cityscape of Belgrade, a city that has been rebuilt 38 times in its history. THE SKYWALK IS GONE (LE PONT N’EST PAS LA) Dir: Tsai Ming Liang. France. 2002. 20mins. Beta. A small-scale, refined urban story that balances fiction and documentary. A woman wants to cross a busy road. Another woman, with a heavy suitcase, is trying to do the same thing. Before the two have reached the other side, the fictional element seems to have been entirely assimilated to a documentary observation. In the end, the fiction re-emerges but by then the woman is already gone. STORIES OF THE STAIN I (LES HISTOIRES DE LA TACHE I) Dir: Marie-Laure Cazin. France. 2003. 10mins. Beta. At the protest on 1 May 2002 in Paris, strange things occur in a flat. TWILIT Dir: Lauar Henno. France. 2003. 6mins. No dialogue. Beta. A girl appears suddenly from nowhere and goes through a landscape in a floating and intangible way.


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