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Lazuli at the Borderline

Lazuli - Our Drinken stone tour

05/12/2016 at 19:00

How often do you experience this? Punters arrive early for a sold-out show to secure the best viewing position. Then on comes a support act that nobody's heard of. Forty minutes later, every single member of the packed audience has been won over. That's what happened when Fish played Islington Assembly Hall last year and brought Lazuli with him. These beardy French proggers have plenty of crossover appeal to our more adventurous World Music-loving chums, being hugely talented multi-instrumentalists whose musical arsenal includes the horn, marimba and a stringed instrument called the leode. Never heard of it? That's because they invented it themselves.
Come and see them headlining their own show at The Borderline on 5th December



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