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Toulouse Lautrec
Dégustation de vins

Le Cabaret de Toulouse Lautrec

01/07/2013 from 18:45 to 23:00


The event

'The Cabaret of his life event comprises a lecture about Toulouse Lautrec, a wine tasting session and a live jazz concert. Finger food is included and a wine specialist thoroughly chose the wines from the Albi and Gaillac regions in France (where Toulouse Lautrec comes from). 

Toulouse Lautrec

On 24th November 1864 in the Hôtel du Bosc in Albi (France), which is Toulouse Lautrec's family medieval castle, the countess Adèle Zoé Marie Marguerite Tapié de Céleyran gave birth to her first child, Henry. The boy was the eldest son of the Count Alphonse de Toulouse-Lautrec-Montfa.

Such an upper-class ascendance would have brought the young boy in the highest spheres of society, but his life took an unexpected turn. Due to a genetic disease (pycnodisostosis) caused by his parent's inbreeding (they were cousins), he had brittle bones and a small stature. After he broke his leggs twice, he never grew as one should do and never really integrated with other children. Henry used to draw to distract himself. Later on in his life he said: "I think I would never have painted if my legs had been just a little longer!”

At the age of 17 his father sent him to Paris to receive a formal art education. It was there in the flashing lights of Parisian café-chantants and cabarets, that he spent most of his life and where his artistic talent flourished. 

If you would like to know more about his life, do not miss the lecture

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