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Easter Holiday Camp

Camp de vacances de Pâques à Artpeggios, l'école de Musique et d'Art de l'Ouest londonien

From 08/04/2013 at 01:00 to 19/04/2013 at 01:00


Artpeggios' Spring Half-term and Easter holiday camps offer a fun and productive way for children to spend their holiday time. Based upon 7 half-day sessions per week, the holiday camp programmes are focused on band and ensemble playing. They will enjoy learning how to play and interact with fellow musicians, make new friends and they may even go back home with their own professionally recorded music. The workshops are bilingual French/English.

The programme:

• Drama bilingual classes

• Bands, DJ, Videos

• Music in all instruments

• Art Lessons for children and adults

• Manga and Art classes and Street Art classes

• Recording studios session

• Singing classes

New: Masterclass by Jacques Nazaire

Jacques Nazaire's masterclass will explore the history of pop/rock music through the evolution of guitar playing from the 1950’s to the present time. The masterclass will be held on Saturday March 16th from 6pm to 7.30pm. 


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