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La Voix Humaine
Pièces de théâtre/ Opéra

La Voix Humaine

21/03/2013 from 18:30 to 00:00


The play

La Voix humaine (The Human Voice) is a theatre play written by Jean Cocteau in 1927 and first staged at the Comédie française in 1930. In this monologue taking place in Paris a middle-aged woman is on a phone call with her lover of the last five years. He is to marry another woman, which causes her to despair. This play is ideal for French learners as the script is simple and the language easily accessible. This show commemorates the 50th anniversary of Cocteau’s death.


Direction: Jacqueline Ordas

Cast: Hélène Hiquily

Production: Théâtre du Matin

Language: in French

Followed by a Q&A with Hélène Hiquily who has taught French through theatre when living in Australia and touring in the UK.

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