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C'est Royal! Avec Nadeah de Nouvelle Vague, La Maison Tellier et Lail Arad

28/01/2013 from 19:45 to 23:59

The Royal Albert Hall's annual celebration of the very best in French contemporary artists returns!

The evening promises to showcase a variety of French talent, including Nadeah (Nouvelle Vague), La Maison Tellier and Lail Arad.

Paris-based chanteuse Nadeah Miranda, inspired by the likes of Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen and Björk, has become the go-to girl for French cabaret acts while also pursuing a solo career of her own. Her debut album Venus Gets Even, self-described as lyrically twisted, dark cabaret pop and featuring the single Odile, was released in 2011.

La Maison Tellier were founded in Normandie in 2004. Using various traditional instruments, the band created a personal kind of folk-rock, sung in French as well as in English, showcasing many different musical influences but blending them into a very recognizable homogeneous blend.

Having spent the last two years touring her first album Someone New across Europe and having been hand picked to perform with the likes of Devendra Banhart and Herman Dune, genial songstress Lail Arad is now sowing the seeds for her next record. You catch her at the start of a new chapter.

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17/01/2013 - swhitehouse2 a dit :

I'd love tp win this. For years I've wanted to go to the Albert Hall, and what a show for my first time!


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