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César et Rosalie

Cesar et Rosalie sort en DVD et Blu-Ray le 5 novembre

From 20/10/2012 at 11:00 to 07/11/2012 at 10:00

40th Anniversary DVD Blu-Ray release of Cesar et Rosalie 5th November 2012
Directed by: Claude Sautet
Starring: Yves Montand, Romy Schneider, Sami Frey

César et Rosalie is an enchanting French romance starring Yves Montand (Jean De Florette) and Romy Schneider (What’s New Pussycat?, Sissi), directed by Claude Sautet (Un Coeur en Hiver, Les Choses de la Vie).
Rosalie is a beautiful vivacious young woman involved with a charming, successful businessman called César. He is crazy about her and his exuberant vitality satisfies Rosalie’s terrific lust for life. One day, out of the blue, Rosalie’s old flame David appears, desperate to win back her affections. César’s intense jealousy shocks Rosalie and she ends up running into the arms of David and the pair are separated. Rosalie however begins to doubt that she’s made the right choice, until fate ends up deciding for her.

Extras – Serenade for Three DVD Tech specs: R/T: 106 mins / Aspect ratio: 1.66:1 / Region: 2 / DVD 9/ PAL / Colour/ FrenchLanguage/ English Subtitles/ Audio: Mono 2.0/ Cert: 12

Blu-Ray Tech specs: R/T: 111mins / Aspect ratio: 1.66:1 / Region B / Feature: 1080/ 24P/ Layers: BD25/ Colour/ French Language/ English Subtitles/ DTS HD Master Mono 2.0/ Catalogue no: 8290403/ Cert: 1



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  • Age group: Everyone
  • Price: RRP: £15.99 (DVD) £22.99 (Blu-ray)


23/10/2012 - writers_reign a dit :

Yet another object lesson in how to do relationships. Why is it the French find it so easy to explore the Human Condition As Entertainment. Why is it they can deal so facilely with pain and heartbreak and still make us smile. Okay, it helps if you have a great leading man, plus a great writer and great director but that's still not quite enough and what you really need is Something in the water. Jean-Loup Dabadie is still under-appreciated as the multi-talent he is (Stage, Screen plays even lyrics - he wrote 'Valentin' for Montand's son and in so doing gave Montand a late hit song). Here he contributes a virtually perfect Screenplay on our old friend the Eternal Triangle. This film is so perfect that you get the feeling that on the first day of shooting the Good Fairy turned up on set and waved her magic wand over the entire project. Love, Desire, Pain, Laughter; if you don't get enough of those at home, pull up a chair, slip in the dvd and sup your fill. You won't regret a moment of it.
(An abridged version of my review on imdb. 14, December, 2003).

22/10/2012 - arnottdavies a dit :

A lovely film from two great actors.


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