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Françoise Delas-Reisz and Carine Kennedy

Notes and Letters - Françoise Delas-Reisz and Carine Kennedy en discussion

07/10/2012 from 15:30 to 17:00

Spoken Word

Sunday, 7 October 2012 - 3:30pm / Hall Two

You can find them at every big international meeting or peace conference, vital but invisible. They are the simultaneous interpreters, the voices of others. Françoise Delas-Reisz and Carine Kennedy draw on many years’ experience interpreting for doctors, lawyers, businessmen, presidents, film directors and arms dealers to take you behind the scenes and reveal the secrets of their job. They'll give a demonstration of how it works, recount some amusing anecdotes and explain the tricks of the trade. 

You’ll also discover why jokes, cricket analogies, quotations and proverbs are the bugbears of every interpreter’s life.

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Also as part of the Notes & Letters Festival, you will be able to enjoy meeting Ali Smith and Janice Galloway and hear them say how they have been inspired by music, Edmund de Waal by silence, Will Self by Kafka and Kapka Kassabova by tango. Amit Chaudhuri recreates the musical fusion of his memory while Hannah Rothschild tells the story of her aunt, the Jazz Baroness. Alex Wheatle recalls the Brixton riots and Andrei Kurkov sings old Soviet songs. Secrets will be revealed: those of conductors, interpreters, translators and lovers.
Curated by Amanda Hopkinson & Geraldine D'Amico

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