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Requiem for a Killer DVD

Requiem pour une tueuse sort en DVD le 2 juillet

From 26/06/2012 to 02/07/2012

Inglorious Basterds and Beginners star Melanie Laurent plays Lucrece, an icy seductive hired killer, specialised in poisoning and passionate opera. On the eve of her reirement she finds herself forced to take on a highly difficult contract in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Posing as a soprano, Lucrece will have to perform on stage at the highly prestigious Festival d' Ermeux and try to kill one of her partners: British baritone Alexander Child (Christopher Stills).

Jerome Le Gris makes his directorial debut with Requiem for a Killer, a poised assassination thriller loaded with high heels and even higher tension.

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  • Age group: Adults
  • Price: £11 on Amazon


29/06/2012 - writers_reign a dit :

I'd hate to try to pitch this to the suits in Hollywood: Europe's top assassin is not only female but an accomplished contralto on the side, fully capable of winning a role in Handel's Messiah. More? Assassination assignments are controlled by a priest? More? The male assassin sent to neutralize the contralto is a classical guitarist on the side.
Luckily Melanie Laurent is a fine actress and equally accomplished director (The Adopted) and it's nice to see Clovis Cornillac back on the screen.


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