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Anne B

free Gratuit: Anne B live à Hyde Park le 23 Juin

23/06/2012 from 16:15 to 19:00

"....nothing will prepare you to the intimate beauty of her live
performances..."  Ben Osborne - Noise of Art, DJ Mag

With Adrien Tronquart on guitar, Sjur Opsal on bass, Gonzague Huynh on

French songwriter and singer Anne B casts a summery spell with intimate
songs playing with universal experiences that transcend cultural
differences: the distance - real or emotional - between lovers. With a pure
voice at once seductive and yearning, she brings a modern twist to the
French tradition of open-hearted chanson.

A London resident for five years, Anne B was elected French talent of the
year in 2009.

1st album " Outremanche" available on all legal download platforms

Anne B tours in France and the UK.

More on www.anneb.org

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