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Géraldine Chaplin
Programme de l'Institut Français

1er Octobre: Rencontre avec Geraldine Chaplin

01/10/2011 from 18:10 to 20:00

Geraldine Chaplin will be at the Institut français for an exclusive on-stage interview with Peter Williams Evans (Queen Mary, University of London) to talk about her career in Spain and overseas. Born in California in 1944, Geraldine Chaplin, the fourth child of Charlie Chaplin, rose the fame in Dr Zhivago in 1965. Since then, an international career took off, including an extensive list of films in Spain starting in the mid-60s, when she became Carlos Saura's muse. Geraldine Chaplin is considered in Spain to be one of 'their' most outstanding actresses and without her, a part of Spanish cinema could not be understood


Sat 1 Oct     6.10pm | £15, conc. £12 (screening + conversation) | 

                  8.10pm | £10, conc. £8 (conversation only) |

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