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Sandrine avec Dieudonné - Changement de Salle

From 30/03/2010 to 10/04/2010 at 23:59

Sandrine avec Dieudonné au Millennium Conference Centre de South Kensington

Le 10 avril 2010 pour deux représentations uniquement

Veuillez noter le changement de salle pour les deux shows que Dieudonné devait donner à Londres le 10 avril. Pour plus d'information appeler le 079 85 690 960.



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11/04/2010 - Thomozuk a dit :

Great show. Lovely man with a great heart. People should learn to laugh instead of hate. Dieudonné is a saint.

09/04/2010 - taoofdino a dit :

you cant stop all anti-zionists from expressing themselves
"Comments are moderated. They are displayed after an administrator validation."
hope this is validated, if it's not i won't be surprised :)

08/04/2010 - harveygarfield21 a dit :

The guy is a notorious antisemite and Holocaust denier

I have just advised by the Duty Manager of the Millenium that the event has been cancelled .

No to Racism .No to antisemitism.

08/04/2010 - mark.g a dit :

"The world DIEUDONNÉ portrays here represents a return to his earlier apolitical comedic roots."

- is this supposed to be some kind of admission that Dieudonne is a racist: but hey, he's alright now? the guy should not be performing here and he should not be advertised by your website. despicable.

07/04/2010 - a.bassey a dit :

Thanks for info!!! Am landing in London at 5pm and will try to go and See Sandrine by Dieudonne! Never saw him live but defnitely interested!!! thanks for the info!!! happy easter!:-)


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