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Zaza Minssen

From 06/05/2008 at 08:00 to 12/05/2008 at 08:00

Zaza Minssen 
'Not ready to wear'

From 5th to 12th May 2008 at Gueguen Gallery.

Marine Gueguen Strage is pleased to present "Not ready to wear", a series of Paintings by Zaza Minssen. Her first London solo exhibition displays unusual dresses and Louis XV Armchairs on large scale linen canvas.
The French woman painter cherishes a passion about Fashion which she is expressing through extra-ordinary dresses,inspired by Grands Couturiers and revisited by her artist 's eye. The show is a celebration of how fashion can unveil female beauty but also how much it tells about our feminity and secret desires.

This spring, most fashion designers are presenting clothes inspired by art while here, the painter is actually using fashion as a reference to build her creations with a mix of paint,fabric and sometimes even staineless steel or alumininum. The result of this dialogue between two worlds is purely original and esthaeticaly seductive.
The show is a delight for the senses and makes you feel you are actually watching a catwalk on canvas or trying a glamorous outfit in a Parisian Salon Haute Couture for a sexy evening to come.


Daily 10.00 am to 8pm

For more information, visit: gueguen-gallery.com

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