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Club Escargot

   Club Escargot

Their aim is to introduce children to the fun of learning French as early as possible, as well as discovering France’s culture and numerous customs. They normally take children from 6 to 12 years of age, but this is flexible.
The classes are 2 HOURS long and cover the basis of the language (parts of the body, colours, numbers, positions, greetings, animals, clothes, transports, weather, etc.) through songs, rhymes, activities, cooking sessions, and traditional dances.
They use qualified and fully trained teachers who have a lot of experience teaching children AND who are all NATIVE FRENCH SPEAKERS. Children can play, learn and are in total immersion in the French Language throughout the sessions. Towards the end of the lesson, the children get to relax with songs, french story time etc.
They encourage the parents to consider these activities as it will actively help their children to develop their communications skills, as well as aid their progress through the primary schools curriculum.
Throughout the term, magazines are brought over from France for the children to coincide with special events, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Bastille Day, etc …
At the end of term, the children will invite their parents to a French Meal entirely prepared by them.
new saturday 
French Club
new saturday French Club
So parents, why not use this opportunity to treat yourself to some shopping, or even a quiet cup of tea during those two hours? What better activities can you imagine for your little ones during a Saturday morning?
With the support of Tesco Borehamwood and Elstree & Borehamwood Town Council they are providing a fun session for the kids and some peace for the mothers. You maybe able to get part of these sessions money back as part of the tax credits.

Business detail

VENUE St Paul’s Church Hall, St Paul’s Close
Code postal
0208 381 5222
Heures d'ouverture
Tous les Samedis
1ere session: 9h-11h
2eme session 11h-13h


17/06/2011 - fat.03 a dit :


Je suis une jeune Française âgée de 21 ans à la recherche d'un poste dans une école bilingue pour mettre à disposition mes compétences avec les enfants et améliorer mon anglais. Je suis également intéressé pour devenir Au pair.

voici mon adresse e-mail: n'hésitez pas à me contacter


12/07/2010 - martine a dit : note * * * * *

Wonderful innitiative from the Borehamwood twin town association BRAVO!

30/06/2010 - asmajan a dit :

Hi, I'm looking for a french teacher to teach over the summer to a group of 4 - 7 year old children, twice a week (possibly more) in Northwood. I would really appreciate if you can get back to me on this. My number is 07725568272.


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