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Le Cercle français d'Ealing est une association affiliée à L'Alliance française. Elle propose des visites dans Londres et ses environs, des conférences sur des sujets culturels et des sorties.

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Polish Centre, Downstairs Bar, 2 Windsor Road
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020 8864 4109
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16/05/2019 - selbywhittingham a dit :

Turner, Ruskin and France. Talks on 12 June 2019 at St James, Piccadilly.

02/12/2015 - sophie.gatecloumarest a dit :


I am French, from Brittany, and living in Highgate and would love to meet more French people, interesting in art and writing in particular.

Would you have a list of activities and meetings please?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Sophie Gateclou Marest

15/07/2014 - aurorepondeville a dit :


I am a French woman who will move in West Ealing shortly.
Could you give me a range of the activities done by this association ?



18/03/2014 - franceholidayhome a dit :

Monsieur, Madame

I am a French native living in the UK. After several years of hard work in the holidays (we are teachers), my husband and I have finally completed the renovation of our holiday home in Burgundy, France and we thought fellow members of your circle might be interested in renting it. At the very least it could be a topic of conversation for one of your soirées (you may be interested in our 'Burgundy Blog' and may like to contribute to this). We have decided to offer £50 off the standard rates (already very reasonable) as advertised on our website to all of your French Circle members, and we would be very grateful if you would spread the word to them and your friends by forwarding this email and including our link on your website and in your newsletter:

We would also consider holiday home swaps.

Please don't hesitate to get back in touch should you require further details.

Bien cordialement

Marielle Steward

20/01/2012 - cifeka a dit :

Please can you email me your programme of activities, meetings etc this year. I am currently studying French at the Alliance Francaise, Dorset Square, and want to improve my speaking skills and French cultural experience.Thanks you.
Caroline Ifeka


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