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The Girl on Paper

Tombée des pages de son livre, elle va changer sa vie - La fille de papier de Guillaume Musso

By Marie Lahetjuzan

The girl on paper (La fille de papier) by Guillaume Musso is now available in the UK. The most popular author writing in France today, with worldwide sales in excess of 11 million copies, is published in English by Gallic Books and available online. 

The Story Line

Tom, a successful writer, cannot recover from the split with his girl friend. Heartbroken, he has not left his luxury house in Los Angeles for weeks, and his depression is getting worse, when a beautiful 25-year-old woman appears in his sitting room. She claims to be Billie, a character from his Angels trilogy. While his fans eagerly await the new instalment of his best selling series, Tom prefers spending time swallowing cocktails of pills wash down with alcohol. Billie has to convince him to finish his book, so she can return to the world of fiction to which she belongs. In exchange, she offers Tom to help him to get his ex-girlfriend back.

The girl on paper brings literary characters to life and reality. It is easy-to-read 406 pages, which takes the reader into the intimacy of the relationship between authors and the characters they create.  Billie, for example, complains about the way she is often portrayed and also asks the writer why he does not let her be with the man she loves.  The girl on paper is almost the testimonial of a character wishing to be more in control of her life. The story leads the reader to question the extent to which a writer knows the character he has created himself.  

The girl on paper is an absolute page-turner, which will keep you awake all night. The dynamism and the succession of adventures in the story make it a feel-good read, that you want to turn back to  and again after you have finished the last page.  

The girl on paper is published in the UK by Gallic Books.

Retail Price £7.99


29/11/2012 - hwong a dit :

Wow, this is in every respect what I nedeed to know.


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