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Cesars 2009

Césars 2009 - Séraphine s'impose avec 7 Césars

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Charlotte Gainsbourg President
Charlotte Gainsbourg President
Dany Boon despite having said he would boycott the César because “ Bienvenue chez les  Ch’tis” only received one nomination, surprised everybody by turning up at the Chatelet Theatre.
Charlotte Gainsbourg who was this year’s president and Antoine Decaune as master of Ceremony tried desperately to make the evening fun but did not quite succeed. It has to be said, Florence Foresti, has to be the Cesar for the best performance that evening.
Mesrine with 10 nominations only received three Césars in the end: for best film, best actor and best sound. Séraphine, however, wiped the board clean with 7 Césars against 8 nominations. The other big winners were I’ve loved you so long with two awards and Le premier jour du reste de ta vie with 3 Césars incl. Best male and female new comers and best editing. The Class which had been nominated for the Oscar of the best foreign film only picked up one César for best adaptation.

All the Results

Vincent Cassel as Mesrine
Vincent Cassel as Mesrine


Best Actor

Vincent Cassel  as Mesrine by Jean-François Richet







Yolande Moreau as Seraphine
Yolande Moreau as Seraphine

Best Actress
Yoland Moreau as  Séraphine by Martin Provost








Best Supporting Actor
Jean-Paul Roussillon - A Christmas Tale by Arnaud Desplechin








Elsa Zylberstein
Elsa Zylberstein

Best Supporting Actress
Elsa Zylberstein – I’ve loved you so long








Best New Comers
Deborah François –  Le premier jour du reste de ta vie
Marc André Grondin -  Le premier jour du reste de ta vie

Best Director

Jean-François Richet – Mesrine in two parts

Best Film

Best Music


Best Photography

Best Foreign Film

Dance with Bashir - Ari Folman

Best Costumes

Best Film Set
Seraphine – by Martin Provost

Best Short film

Les Miettes de Pierre Pinaud.

Cesar for overall career

Dustin Hoffman

Best Sound

Best Scenario

Séraphine by Florence Foresti

Best first movie

I’ve loved you so long - by Philippe Claudel

Best Screen Adaptation

The Class (Entre les Murs) by Laurent Cantet assisted by François Bégaudeau and Robin Campillo.

Best Editing
Le premier jour du reste de ta vie - Rémi Besançon

Best Documentary
Les Plages d'Agnès - Agnès Varda


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