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Great performance from Gad at the Hammersmith Apollo

By Patricia Connell

After months of waiting, Gad finally showed up at the Hammersmith Apollo to give us one of his best performances ever. Over 3,500 people turned up on the night, mostly French of course, it took Gad a while to find an English person in the whole auditorium but he eventually did and got him on stage to everyone’s delight. Don’t know if he went with him, as promised, for a pint afterwards but I’m pretty sure he got his autograph.

It was one of those occasions, a little like 14th July, where you could be sure to find loads of your compatriots all in party spirit. Everyone was saying ‘hi’ to each other. As a result, the audience warmed up very quickly. Gad did not miss the opportunity to comment on the day’s City News and did not fail to notice that there was more than one banker in the audience.

Like most, I love the fact that Gad is such a complete artist, he can play the piano and the guitar, sing most songs, be funny and dramatic and move on the dance floor without restraint but above all, I love the way he interacts with his public. Although he is alone on stage, his public and him are just one. They ask questions and he answers, he gets them to be part of the show in more ways than one.
The new material for the show was extremely funny and particularly well timed. I loved the bits about the Moroccan GPS, the mimicking of the kids who come out of school and naturally Gad’s experience as a father of a 7-year old.
Let’s hope that Gad will come soon to see us again in London and treat us to some more fun. We all need it.


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