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Médecins français toujours disponibles

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Moving house can be difficult, so imagine the challenges you face when that new home is in a different country. When it comes to healthcare for yourself and your loved ones, finding a doctor who is available straight away and who speaks your language can be hard for French families living in London.  

This is where telemedicine can help, a new healthcare practice offering access to doctors via video, which has been developing over the last few years. A few apps are currently available in the UK, but all of them are in English. This was until the introduction of a new service called Qare, a video consultation website offering all the benefits of the French medical system abroad.

How does it work?

Qare provides London French residents with unlimited access to an exclusive network of French GPs and specialists based in France, seven days a week. A wide range of specialities are available including: general practice, psychology, dermatology, pediatrics and kinesiotherapy.

Using telemedicine technology, Qare provides an innovative and holistic way for patients to quickly and conveniently consult with a qualified French doctor –removing all barriers to recess.

Dr Alexandre Maisonneuve, Chief Medical Officer of Qare, comments: “Telemedicine has proven to be an efficient response to curb health professionals’ lack of availability by providing an innovative and flexible approach to medicine. All our Qare medical professionals are trained to use video consulting and have a minimum of 10 years’ experience of practice. Qare provides a reassuring service to patients and their families abroad, offering access to French-speaking doctors easily, at the click of a button.”

How do I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment has never been easier. After registration on the site, patients schedule their appointments online at their convenience. Each appointment takes place via video with a doctor who consults directly from their own practice.

Through a series of questions and access to the patient’s medical dashboard, the health professional is able to diagnose the issue and provide instant advice. Qare does not treat emergencies, but if required, their doctors can refer the patient to a local French medical professional (the platform is associated with Medicare Français, the leading French medical centre in London). Qare doctors can secure an appointment with a generalist or specialised doctor within 48 hours or organise a home visit should the patient be unable to visit a practice.

Is my information safe?

Upon registration, Qare members log their medical data on their personal dashboard which will be updated and maintained by Qare doctors. The data will be safely stored on the secure website and remain accessible wherever and whenever needed.

Qare doctors are available seven days a week, Monday to Saturday from 12-8pm and Sunday 2pm-6pm. The service is available for an entire family, parents and their children under 18.The standard unlimited membership for the whole family costs £119 per month.


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24/07/2017 - Deanejay a dit :

This awesome. Does this mean UK citizens who can speak French and want access to French standards of healthcare can use it? Do you have to be affilié to the regime de sante to use it, and I presume they take the 25€ consultation fee by card payment on line? This one way for UK citizens to escape the creaky NHS....


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