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Father's Day
Life and Style

5 Idées pour la fête des pères

By No author

As you may know, it is Father’s Day this Sunday. You have not perhaps thought about anything yet and you should probably get him something a bit more exciting than the regular tie or decent pair of shocks (even though it is the only thing that pops into his mind when you ask him what he wants). You have all Saturday left to make your mind up and find the perfect fit for your Dad. Here are a few tips to get the best surprise for your treasured Daddy. 

1 – Take him out for the day

If your Dad is living the rat-race to the full, hardly sees you during the week and his diary is always complety hectic, take him out somewhere in the countryside for the weekend. Make sure, he is free that day, and arrange with your mum to drive somewhere not too far from London, book a nice restaurant and plan a little walk around. He will be happy to spend a bit more quality time with you and your brothers/sisters and will get all the rest he needs at the same time.


2 – Buy nice soaps & cosmetics

Soaps, creams and lotions may seem to be a very feminine present, but men actually love gorgeous scents and taking care of themselves. Many brands offer masculine perfumes for shower gel, shaving foam, soaps and creams. With such a present you are pretty sure he will like it and will use it.


3 – Book some cooking classes for him

At first glance, women seem to be more into cooking. Have you ever seen recipes in the few masculine magazines that exist? Surely not. However, it would be wrong to think they do not like having their time in the kitchen. Actually, one of my Dad’s favourite presents was a cooking class. So find out when he is available, or book an open ticket, and choose according to his level and tastes. 

Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes

4 – Rent out a beautiful car for the day

Most dads love cars, or at least could have fun in a gorgeous classic car for the day. These cars can sometimes be rented for a few hours, so check that out, and take him for a surprise ride around London or in the suburbs. 


5 – Take him on a wine/beer/whisky tasting event

Learning how to evaluate wine, beer or whisky is always a good pick. Make sure you choose the alcohol he prefers and book a session.  

Wine Tasting
Dégustation de vin


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