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Hello franceinlondoner

" The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new."
- Socrates (philosopher)

French Gig in London


On 27 January

Following many stage-shaking live shows in the past few years, Chinese Man are coming back to do it all over again, only even better. Tireless warriors of sound, Chinese Man undoubtedly bring the beats but their live performance really does deliver with a horn section and live percussionist that gives the music a whole new dimension.


SAVE THE DATE - BREXIT : Should I Stay or Should I Go

Monday 19 March @ QEII Centre


Today,  because of all the noise created by the media and politicians, it can be difficult to find out about the reality of what is likely to happen to Europeans, to the economy, to business and to trading with the European Union. This leads to more uncertainty and anxiety. This event has been created with the aim of taking all the noise out and clarifying the real position. Thanks to our panels of experts, politicians and activists, our goal is to give attendees as much information as possible so that they can decide for themselves what is the right course of action for them. Everyone is invited to attend a whole day of debates, talks and discussions about the future of Europeans and the impact of Brexit on indivuduals and business in the UK.

Registration for the event will open on 19 January. Please send us a email 


How to avoid foot problems in children

As children get closer to adolescence, their feet can often be neglected. Parents often find it difficult to know whether signs or symptoms affecting their feet are temporary or could raise more serious issues. Badly cut toenails or ill-fitting shoes do not seem that dramatic, but the damage caused can be quite considerable.


Sacha Guitry, My daughter and I

This British Premiere, as a tribute to Sacha Guitry on the 60th anniversary of his death, celebrates his undying admiration for women and his particular talent for mixing reality and fiction. Following two sell-out shows, « Trois Ruptures/Three Splits » by Rémi De Vos (London, Beijing) and "Ionesco/Dinner at the Smiths" (London, Paris), this new production is the third collaboration between actress Edith Vernes and director Marianne Badrichani.


The France Show 2018

London Olympia - From 26 to 28 January

Kick start the New Year with a celebration of the best France has to offer! Enjoy a great French day out at the UK’s largest celebration of France. French chefs, wine tasting, authors, holiday ideas, French market, property exhibition with thousands of properties for sale, seminars offering free expert advice, everything is designed to ensure you have a great time.

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