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“That's what I like about film - it can be bizarre, classic, normal, romantic. Cinema is to me the most versatile thing.”
Catherine Deneuve


What is the meaning of a true life of luxury?

Luxury yes, but what does it really mean? You know the sort of things that most people know exist because they have seen them in films: flying to Mustique by private jet to attend a party at Mick Jagger’s, then off to a charity ball in Monaco hosted by Princess Caroline, taking a helicopter to Skibo castle for a round of golf with Nick Faldo. That sort of thing. Well I wanted to find out if there were more to it than what meets the eye. How did some people always seem to be able to get memberships to exclusive clubs when there is, allegedly, a 10-year waiting list? How were they able to get VIP passes and red carpet treatment at sold out events? And for goodness sake, how did they somehow “most of the time” manage to be seen dining with the rich and famous and still avoid having their name and pictures all over the internet?

French idioms

New Franglish idioms to hit the road

When a tourist butchers the language of Molière, he was said to speak French like a Spanish Basque. Later, this Basque was somehow transformed into a cow! The link between a foreigner and a bovid is not quite clear. However, French people use it a lot. The holiday season has already started, so be careful not to translate the following expressions word for word. Otherwise, you might be the cow.


A return to stability?

For almost a month, there has been massive uncertainty in the economy and politics of the UK. A vote to Leave the European Union has jeopardised the unity of the Kingdom, unseated a Prime Minister and torn the fabric that just about kept the Labour party together.

European Union

The unravelling of ever closer Union?

A year ago, the EU was on a rocky path: in the midst of the Greek crisis, where it was accused of enforcing aggressive austerity measures, the cracks were starting to appear as euroscepticism became ever more prominent. What is the situation today?

Theatre play

Alexander Hanson: "Florian Zeller is absolutely brilliant"

Florian Zeller’s works are the French plays which are performed abroad the most. He is only 37 and has already received many awards. In his play "The Truth", Alexander Hanson is Michel, a liar who does not realise everybody is also lying to him. FranceInLondon met him to know his thoughts on what makes the French dramatist so successful across the Channel.

War documentary

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Peshmerga and pathos

Bernard-Henri Lévy is like Marmite: he is as fascinating as he is irritating. The French are divided about whether they love or hate the speeches and attitude of this philosopher, writer, director, and intellectual. His latest documentary, "Peshmerga", is no different. It gives you the opportunity to discover Iraq from behind Daesh front lines.


Benjamin Biolay brings the Argentinian sun in his last album

Benjamin Biolay is not known for being light hearted. He embodies the image of the misunderstood artist with his melancholic music and expressionless face. Yet, he surprised us all with his new album 'Palermo Hollywood'.

What happened this week

- Discover Faroe Islands thanks to sheep
- Controversy over security measures in Nice during Bastille Day celebrations
- Theresa May to discuss Brexit plans with François Hollande
- French cigarette brands could be banned
- President of the MEDEF comes to London to "promote France"
- The UK will not trigger Article 50 this year
- French Assembly voted to extend state of emergency for 6 months
- Roman Polanski and Olivier Assayas to adapt French novel
- Three girls and their mother stabbed in French holiday resort





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