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cast: Eduardo Noriega, Anna Mouglalis, Nathalie Richard, Eric Caravaca, Paz Vega, Lény Bueno, Julie Gayet, Agathe Dronne, Bernard Bloch, Vincent Dissez

year: 2002

colour: no


director: Jean-Pierre Limosin

runtime: 95

Graham (Noriega, The Devil's Backbone) seems an affable enough chap, if slightly simple. Employed by a chic Parisian bureau, he busies himself with menial jobs and appears to be in demand. His boss Sabine (Richard) has a special use for him after office hours - as her own personal sex toy. The guileless Graham is repeatedly willing to get stuck in, not once complaining. This is because each time is effectively the first time for him. Graham suffers from a form of amnesia that would render him completely helpless were it not for the small notebook he carries around. He's being observed by a medical team that appears at a loss to provide answers or a cure. Then one day a new temp, Irène (Mouglalis) arrives at work. There's an instant attraction, with a variety of imaginative and risqué sexual encounters (ropes, shaving cream, even magic markers all play a role). Irène initially enjoys the arrangement, welcoming Graham's ability to "fuck without a past". But when the attraction deepens, frustration quickly sets in. How can you build a relationship with someone who has no sense of a mutual history? Year of release in the UK: 2005


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