french films > Dandin



cast: Claude Brasseur, Zabou, Daniel Gelin, Nelly Borgeaud

year: 1988

colour: yes


director: Roger Planchon

runtime: 116

George Dandin, a wealthy farmer, marries Angélique de Sotenville, the daughter of aristocrats who concede to her marriage because of their grave financial difficulties. No one asked her what she might want. Dandin quickly realises that he was a fool to have wanted to marry above his station: his wife won’t give herself to him and humiliates him in public. What’s more, she lets Clitandre, a handsome courtier, whispers sweet nothings in her ear. Dandin tries in vain to prove to his parents-in-law how brazenly their daughter is behaving. His attempts only cause him even more humiliation. The couple’s bickering becomes increasingly violent. Just what will become of this mismatched pair?


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