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The Atalante


The Atalante

Review score: * * * * *

cast: Michel Simon, Jean Dasté , Dita Parlo

year: 1934

colour: no

certificate: PG

director: Jean Vigo

runtime: 89

Arguably one of the greatest films.
L'Atalante is the name of a barge in which a young couple Jean and Juliette discover a new life together.
Juliette has never left her small village and longs for a life in the big city. Although she loves her husband she soon gets bored of the life on the barge. She is longing for the excitment of Paris, so Jean takes her to a cafe in Paris, where she flirts with a peddler. She finally leaves the boat, breaking Jean's heart.

The actual version was first restaured in 1990 and more recently in 2001, to respect Vigo's original version before it was butchered by Gaumont . Vigo died of tuberculosis at the age of 29, a few days after the film was released. This was a tragedy for French cinema.


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