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The Chess Player

The Chess Player

cast: Edith Jehanne, Pierre Blanchar, Pierre Batcheff, Charles Dullin, Marcelle Charles Dullin

year: 1927

colour: no

certificate: U

director: Raymond Bernard

runtime: 135

The year is 1776, and revolution is the order of the day. In Vilnius, the Polish people hold out hope even as they suffer under the yoke of Tsarina Catherine's Russian army. Boleslas Voronski leads the rebellion, flanked by his foster sister, Sophie, the feminine embodiment of the nation's spirit. When their attempted uprising fails, Boleslas goes into hiding with a price on his head, his best friend, Russian officer Prince Serge Oblomoff and the cruel Major Nicolaieff. Meanwhile, in a house on the edge of town, Baron von Kempelen lives alone and builds a curious collection of automatons to commemorate the past. But soon he will need to use his genius to help those living in the present—and pull off one of the greatest magic tricks in history.


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