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Afrance (L')

Afrance (L')

cast: Djolof Mbengue, Delphine Zingg

year: 2003

colour: no

certificate: 15

director: Alain Gomis

runtime: 90

France/Senegal Drama "L'Afrance is the story of a Senegalese student in Paris who is confronted with a bleak choice when his residence permit runs out: either return home to a third world country or continue to live in France, where he has found love and happiness, as an illegal immigrant. L'Afrance explores the uneasy collision of French and African cultures. Djolof Mbengue makes an impressive lead as Senegalese student El Hadj, wracked with guilt about abandoning his homeland and brutalised by the French authorities who have little love for 'overstayers'." (


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