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Fear and Trembling

Fear and Trembling

cast: Sylvie Testud, Khaori Ysuji

year: 2003

colour: no


director: Alain Corneau

runtime: 107

Comedy "In this adaptation of Amélie Nothomb’s best-selling autobiographical novel, Japan is seen through the eyes of a young Belgian woman who, after having spent her childhood in Tokyo, wants to go back to the country of her fondest memories as an interpreter in a big company. As a woman, and as a foreigner unable to grasp the codes of a strict hierarchical society, she fails miserably. Scorned and humiliated, her life spins into a downward spiral that is both tragic and hilarious. She tries to understand the soul of modern Japan from the 44th floor of a company skyscraper in this clash of western and eastern civilisations. Corneau’s frontal and unadorned direction enhances the violence of the confrontations. Sylvie Testud is stupendous, as well as newcomer Kaori Tsuji (Amélie’s superior) and the ensemble acting of the rest of the Japanese cast. Controversial, original, moving and funny, Fear and Trembling is an engaging office comedy-drama that points out that there are sometimes major cultural differences that cannot be easily resolved." (Ciné-Lumière/Institut Français) Year of release in the UK: 2004


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