french films > Almost Peaceful (Un Monde Presque Paisible)

Almost Peaceful (Un Monde Presque Paisible)

Almost Peaceful (Un Monde Presque Paisible)

cast: Simon Abkarian, Zabou Breitman, Denis Podalydès, Vincent Elbaz

year: 2002

colour: no

certificate: PG

director: Michel Deville

runtime: 94

Drama "A thoroughly charming ensemble piece set among members of the Jewish community inpost-war Paris. Michel Deville's Almost Peaceful is a gentle, sad and at times funny film in the best French tradition of high-quality cinema. Set in August 1946, in a tailor's workroom for the creation of ladies'wear in the city’s Jewish neighbourhood. In this world of sewing machines, three tables and rolls of cloth, a café and square, cramped hotel room or spacious apartment, the story of three women, four men, a teenager and several children unfolds. Although they've gone through terrible experiences, they're determined to learn to live again and won't be undone by the past. Ordinary people, admirable people, they grab life by the horns and make light of their situation in imaginative ways. Essentially the message is about hope. Deville is an eclectic director who made his first feature at the beginning of the period of the French New Wave in 1958. Since then, he has excelled with romantic comedies and thrillers, always demonstrating a fine ability to work with actors and to tease the maximum from his material. All cast members work together seamlessly in a film that is handsomely produced and elegantly directed." (Ciné-Lumière/Institut Français)


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