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Trilogy Three

Trilogy Three

cast: Dominique Blanc, Gilbert Melki, Catherine Frot,Lucas Belvaux, Ornella Muti, François Morel

year: 2003

colour: yes

certificate: 15

director: Lucas Belvaux

runtime: 123

"Pascal is a cop. Agnès, the women he loves, is addicted to morphine. Pascal can't stop her, so all he can do is spare her from the squalid side, from death on credit. Pascal has an agreement with a dealer, Jaquillat, who supplies him in exchange for Pascal turning a blind eye to his activities. Thanks to this, Agnès has been able to carry on working and living an almost normal life. When Agnès's friend Cécile comes to him with a problem with her husband Alain, Pascal becomes increasingly close to Cécile until, inevitably, he falls in love with her. Still in love with her husband, Cécile doesn't even realise. Pascal sees that if he wants to seduce her, he'll have to begin by destroying their relationship. Bruno Le Roux, a prisoner on the run, could be a way for Pascal to restore his image, but Jaquillat wants Le Roux too. When he asks Pascal to murder Le Roux, Pascal refuses, so Jaquillat cuts off his wife's morphine supply. For the first time, Agnés can't get a fix. All the dealers know who she is and none of them will supply her. She accosts one, who beats her up on the street. It's a pitiful sight and more than the guy standing in the shadows can bear to watch. He comes to her aid. It is Le Roux." (Cine-Lumiere/Institut Français)


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