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Trilogy Two

Trilogy Two

cast: Ornella Mutti, François Morel, Catherine Frot, Lucas Belvaux, Dominique Blanc, Gilbert Melki

year: 2003

colour: yes

certificate: 15

director: Lucas Belvaux

runtime: 97

"Cécile and Alain have been together for twenty years. Alain runs a hi-tech engineering company that is doing extremely well, and although she doesn't need to, Cécile continues to work at the local school. They seem to be an indestructible model couple, but Cécile begins to suspect Alain is hiding something from her. He is. Alain thinks he's going to die. In a few days, he's having some investigative surgery. Alain doesn't want to hide it from Cécile, but doesn't want to worry her unnecessarily. Despite his intentions, Cécile knows Alain is lying to her, so she asks Pascal, a policeman friend of theirs, for help. His investigations reveal nothing, much to his disappointment, for he has fallen for Cécile. So he's determined to come up with some dirt, even if he has to make it up. Alain has also noticed that his wife is concealing something from him: she's secretly been meeting a man who follows her around. He's afraid his wife has taken a lover, someone who's after his patents, and that she's an accomplice. But Cécile doesn't have a lover, Alain isn't seriously ill, and no one has designs on his patents. But nevertheless their self-destruction has been set in motion." (Cine-Lumiere/Institut Français)


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