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Trilogy One

Trilogy One

cast: Catherine Frot, Lucas Belvaux, Ornella Muti, François Morel, Dominique Blanc, Gilbert Melki

year: 2003

colour: yes

certificate: 15

director: Lucas Belvaux

runtime: 111

"After 15 years behind bars, Bruno Le Roux has finally escaped. He was the most highly armed member of the armed wing of a proletarian revolution sadly devoid of proletarian support. He has escaped to continue the fight, to liberate his comrades from prison and release the masses from their chains, once and for all. But although Bruno hasn't changed during his 15 years inside, the world outside has. All his former allies, companions, comrades, and accomplices - those who are not dead or in prison - have given up the fight under pressure from close police surveillance. Bruno is on his own. Perpetually jumping from one hiding place to another, from doorways to underground parking lots, he gives as good as he gets. But the night also has its angels, fallen though they may be. Bruno meets Agnés, a junkie looking for a fix. None of the dealers will supply her any more. A temporary alliance is formed. He finds her drugs and she hides him in her friend Cécile's house. Agnés realises he's on the run. She doesn't want to know any more. They each have their own dark pasts, but together, their future remains to be seen." (Cine-Lumiere/Institut Français) “One of the cinematic events of the year…a completely unmissable adventure” - Total Film “Unparalleled. .A work of staggering virtuosity” - Sight and Sound “A stunning work of depth and emotional resonance. A remarkable achievement” - The Herald


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