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Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte

cast: Albert Dieudonné, Antonin Artaud

year: 1935

colour: no

certificate: TBC

director: Abel Gance

runtime: 140

Abel Gance has always had a passion for Napoleon. He will make three movies : Napoleon in 1927, first part (silent) of a serie of six (that were never made), Napoleon Bonaparte (1935, with sound and much later in 1971 a new version) and Austerlitz (1960), film about the famous battle. Napoleon Bonaparte, is the 1935 re-edited version of Abel Gance’s silent masterpiece Napoleon (1927), with sound added, a feature he had planned for when he made actors articulate the words of the dialogue for the soundtrack that was to come. The surimposition of images, the beautiful construction and lyricism of the images, the magnificent music, the performances of the actors – Albert Dieudonné as Napoleon and Antonin Artaud as Marat- resulted in mythical work on the same scale as the character it depicts.


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