french films > Alice



cast: Anne Bargain, Lei Dinety, Elodie Mennegand

year: 2002

colour: no

certificate: 18

director: Sylvie Ballyot

runtime: 50

Horror/ thriller Beautiful and full of secrets – this describes the quiet Alice. The director Sylvie Ballyot leads the audience to one important moment in Alice’s life. Deep-buried emotions and memories are awakened as young Alice’s sister gets married. As the painful past entwines with the present her relationship with her girlfriend starts coming apart. Instead of using dialogue, Ballyot combines different tenses and images in order to create a certain kind of mood and language for the movie. Ballyot isn’t afraid to provoke or raise questions: how does desire take shape? How does the past affect us? However, the director does not answer even the most difficult questions, but instead leaves space for the audience’s interpretations on Alice’s past.


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