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Up For Love (Un homme à la hauteur)

Un homme à la hauteur

Up For Love (Un homme à la hauteur)

cast: Virginie Efira, Jean Dujardin

year: 2016

colour: yes


director: Laurent Tirard

runtime: 98

Diane (Virginie Efira) is bright, rich and attractive. She has just divorced her husband and associate, Bruno (Cédric Kahn). When she meets Alexandre (Jean Dujardin) over the phone, she madly falls in love with him. But when they meet for the first time, he does not look at all like the prince charming she was expecting. A light and pleasant comedy. 


31/08/2016 - writers_reign said :

This is yet another of the seemingly endless supply of charming French rom-coms featuring yet another gorgeous French actress who can actually act and who are hard to see in the UK - I saw her in a lovely, delicate film at the Rotonde in Paris last December but the chances of it playing here are negligible at best. There is, alas, a flaw in this film, an occupational hazard in films of this nature; Virginie Efira finds it easy to succumb to the charm and good looks of Jean Dujardin but there is the problem of his statue - 4 foot, six inches, if anybody asks you in real life Dujardin is five, eleven) so how to overcome it and make it credible that a gorgeous gal of normal height would commit herself? Glad you asked. It's classically simple. This guy isn't your common-or-garden facteur or even l'ingieur projecting the movie. That's much too easy. THIS guy is a talented architect pulling down a whole lotta nines and with a life-style to match.
Just once I wish someone would make a movie in which one of the protagonists does have a handicap of some kind but the only compensations are ones he/she was born with i.e. charisma, charm, intelligence but NOT wealth and/or possessions. Efira and Dujardin are excellent and I will buy the dvd as and when BUT I would have enjoyed it just as much if Dujardin didn't have change of a match.


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