french films > Je Suis Charlie (L'Humour A Mort)

Je Suis Charlie (L'Humour A Mort)

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie (L'Humour A Mort)


year: 2015

colour: yes


director: Emmanuel and Daniel Leconte

runtime: 90

This documentary pays tribute to the 11 journalists of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo who were killed in the January 2015 attacks by radical Islamic extremists. The events galvanized a country as millions gathered in the streets of French cities to protest the attacks and stand with Charlie.

Emmanuel and Daniel Leconte's film is a document of the social upheaval that followed, as seen through television footage as well as the filmmakers' own cameras. In this sense, Je Suis Charlie is a public record; but its true power lies within the interviews the Lecontes collected both before and after the assault on the Charlie Hebdo journalists.

The result is a highly moving film that will inspire an examination of the complex issues that the magazine continues to raise.


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