french films > When Pigs Have Wings (Le Cochon de Gaza)

When Pigs Have Wings (Le Cochon de Gaza)

When pigs have wings

When Pigs Have Wings (Le Cochon de Gaza)

Review score: * * * * *

cast: Sasson Gabai, Baya Belal and Myriam Tekaïa

year: 2011

colour: yes

certificate: PG

director: Sylvain Estibal

runtime: 98

Jafaar, a Palestinian fisherman who lives poorly in Gaza, one day gets more than his usual haul when he catches a pig. An unclean animal judged impure both by the Islam and the Jewish religions. Determined to get rid of the animal, Jafaar tries desperately to sell it, first to a United Nations official, then to a Jewish settlement where Yelena raises pigs not for their meat but for security reasons. Of course, going unnoticed in the company of a "forbidden" animal, among his Palestinian brothers, past Israeli soldiers and under the scrutiny of Islamic fundamentalists is no bed of roses and a series of misadventures await Jafaar....


08/09/2012 - bulloc2000 said :

On what date and time is this film?

Rozina Bullock


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