french films > Hadewijch




Review score: * * * * *

cast: Julie Sokolowski, Karl Sarafidis, Yassine Salim

year: 2012

colour: yes


director: Bruno Dumont

runtime: 105

Hadewijch (Julie Sokolowski) is a young 21st-century novice sister named after a 13th-century virgin mystic. She has embarked on a fanatical regime of fasting and freezing when the Mother Superior (Brigitte Mayeux- Clerget) takes her aside. In light of the trainee nun’s “self-love” and blind faith she will not be permitted to take her vows or remain at the convent.

Devastated, Hadewijch returns to Paris and her old secular life as Céline, the privileged daughter of a “jerk” diplomat. The girl soon finds some solace in the company of Yassine (Yassine Salime), a young Arab ne’er-do- ell who lives with his older brother, Nassir (Karl Sarafidis) on the less salubrious side of town.


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