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The Adopted

The Adopted

The Adopted

Review score: * * * * *

cast: Melanie Laurent, Denis Menochet, Marie Denarnaud, Clementine Celarie, Audrey Lamy, Theodore Maquet-Foucher

year: 2011

colour: yes

certificate: 15

director: Melanie Laurent

runtime: 100

PARIS -- Inglourious Basterds star Melanie Laurent makes her debut behind the camera with The Adopted (Les Adoptés).

Aspiring musician, Lisa (Laurent), and her adopted bookworm sister, Marie (Marie Denarnaud), spend the bulk of their time together, taking care of Lisa’s son, Leo (Theodore Maquet-Foucher) and living fairly eventless lives in the humdrum city of Lyons. Beyond the fact that Marie’s new boyfriend, Alex (Denis Menochet), is driving an emotional wedge between the girls – which in turn causes friction in the couple’s own relationship – everything seems fairly hunky-dory until the day Marie is inexplicably hit by a motorcycle, plunging into a stage 3 coma from which she has little chance of recovering.

If that weren’t difficult enough, it turns out that Marie is also pregnant with Alex’s baby, and despite her condition may be able to give birth if she survives the term. (As the film provides scant scientific details, one only has to assume that such a thing is possible with modern medical care.)


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