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Route 132

Route 132

Route 132

cast: François Papineau, Alexis Martin, Sophie Bourgeois, Andrée Lachapelle, Gilles Renaud

year: 2010

colour: yes

certificate: -15

director: Louis Belanger

runtime: 113

After a tragic and devastating loss, middle-aged professor Gilles runs into Bob, a childhood friend who now hustles sketchy goods for a living and sometimes commits small-time crimes. Bob and Gilles get to talking and consuming large quantities of beer. Soon enough, Bob convinces the near suicidal Gilles to head to the countryside to rob a bank.

Unable to cope, Gilles agrees and embarks on a journey through rural Quebec which, perhaps inadvertently, becomes a journey through his and his family's past.

Louis Belanger
's tale of grief, never hits a wrong note, thanks to standout performances and a script that patiently builds characters.Incapable de faire le deuil de la mort de son fils, Gilles décide de s'enfuir vers le Bas-Saint-Laurent avec un ancien ami devenu petit criminel, Bob.


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