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17 Girls

17 Girls

17 Girls

cast: Louise Grinberg Juliette Darche Roxane Duran Esther Garrel Yara Pilartz Solène Rigot Noémie Lvovsky Florence Thomassin Carlo Brandt

year: 2011

colour: yes


director: Delphine et Muriel Coulin

runtime: 90

When one headstrong young woman in a French seaside community finds herself accidentally pregnant, over a dozen of her high school classmates deliberately decide to join her in 17 Girls (17 Filles). Anyone - male or female - who grew up when an out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy was as welcome as a nuclear attack will be slack-jawed in amazement as the title batch of 16-year-olds conclude that it’ll be federating and fun (as opposed to incredibly foolish and options-limiting) to raise their babies together in a sort of girl power commune whose logistics are never discussed in depth.


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