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I Want To Go Home

I want to go home

I Want To Go Home

cast: Gérard Depardieu, Micheline Presle, Adolph Green

year: 1989

colour: yes


director: Alain Resnais

runtime: 105

After 30 years of trying, Resnais finally gets to make a movie about his beloved comic books in this picaresque tale of a cantankerous cartoonist from Cleveland, played by legendary Broadway lyricist Green (On the Town), who is invited to an exhibition in Paris. The result is a broad comedy based around national stereotypes with animated inserts, an over-the-top masked ball and a thoroughly sentimental ending - not to mention a script by Jules Feiffer and a score by John Kander (Cabaret). Yikes.

"Joey Wellman, a cantankerous American cartoonist, accepts an invitation to come to an exhibition in Paris, because his estranged daughter Elsie is a student there. He arrives with his girlfriend Lena, and very soon wants to go home as the culture shock is too much for him. Elsie puts off meeting him because she is busy trying to find Professor Christian Gauthier, in order to get him to read her thesis on Flaubert. However Gauthier is enamored with American culture, and invites Joey and some other Americans to his mother's house for the weekend. Elsie arrives at the gathering in time for the masquerade party and to see her father beginning to appreciate French culture."


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